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On May 28, 2019, media reports said that the Suzhou municipal government, together with the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, the national development and Reform Commission, the natural resources bureau and other departments, convened more than 30 real estate developers to hold a symposium on the Suzhou real estate industry and pointed out at the meeting that if several major indicators of the Suzhou real estate market have not been controlled before July, Suzhou will increase the regulation again in terms of expanding the scope of sales restrictions and raising the social security threshold required by outsiders to buy houses. For the meeting, the person in charge of a local real estate enterprise in Suzhou confirmed to the economic information daily, which is only half a month since Suzhou issued the new sales restriction policy on May 11

some insiders said that the main purpose of this meeting was to alleviate the pressure of the rapid rise in housing prices in front of large steel enterprises in Suzhou. "On the one hand, the local auction market continues to be hot, and many sectors' Diwang 'have been refreshed. In addition, although Suzhou's regulation has been upgraded, property buyers are not expected to be affected."

in fact, the meeting was only 10 days away from the roll call warning of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development. Since the first quarter of this year, the land market in Suzhou has overheated, and the price of a second-hand house has been upside down. By the end of April, the local real estate price index had reached 5%, exceeding the limit of Suzhou's annual regulation target of 5%

Zhang Dawei, chief analyst of Centaline real estate, said that in recent years, the regulation of the real estate market has clarified the regulation subject of local governments. At the end of 2017, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development established a real estate statistics and market monitoring and early warning index system to further strengthen the evaluation, assessment and interview accountability mechanism for local efforts to stabilize the real estate market. For local governments that are not conducive to the implementation of the task of "stabilizing the local real estate market", they will conduct interviews and even be held accountable in accordance with relevant procedures and departments

"for Suzhou, the recently introduced regulation and control policies have not been able to completely restrain the city. 3. The rising expectation of choosing an experimental speed field is relatively mild." Zhang Dawei believes that house prices are the key indicators that cannot be bypassed by regulation, which also means that more cities will be warned to accelerate the tightening of regulation

in this context, Suzhou may adopt a long-term and short-term mechanism to strengthen the regulation of the local real estate market. A participant revealed that while limiting sales and prices, Suzhou has formulated a long-term regulation plan for real estate and reported it to the Ministry of housing and urban rural development to start the machine. After the implementation of the long-term regulation mechanism, the regulation measures at the stage will not be canceled, and everything will be subject to the requirements of important assessment indicators

with regard to the Suzhou long-term mechanism scheme, the above-mentioned person said that "both renting and selling" is the solution to the online failure of Fang computer tension machine, which can be roughly divided into two steps: the important aspect of the case. In this regard, Zhang Dawei said that to establish a long-term mechanism for the steady and healthy development of real estate, the key is to deal with the coordinated relationship between housing consumption and investment, real estate and economic growth. In addition, we must reduce the investment attribute of real estate and return to the residential attribute. Therefore, we should speed up the construction of housing, land supply, real estate tax, leasing and other systems, and guide the market to stabilize expectations with a long-term mechanism

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