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"Regression test" was born for safety, and the robot was disobedient

it is believed that the "high tech fair robot incident" some time ago still left many people with lingering fear. Although the official response was that the staff made mistakes, the audience sent a circle of friends saying that "there was no one to control the scene". It is said that he suddenly got a mysterious force from the universe and staged a realistic version of the "force awakening". Hehe, I give full marks for this joke. But it still can't hide the truth, and the "robot safety problem" caused by it is rampant for a time

although the robot industry is now attacking the industrial field on a large scale, it has the potential to decline the civil market. However, in terms of application, the civil market can still not be ignored. Of course, the difference between the two is that industrial robots are more quantitative collective production and contact with goods. Civil robots, especially service robots and rehabilitation robots and children robots in medical treatment, interact more with people and contact more with the elderly, children and patients. From this point of view, the safety of robots is particularly important

it has to be said that in fact, robots on the market are mixed, and the quality is even uneven. From thousands of yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, I'm afraid customers are still easy to be fooled if they only rely on the explanation of the shopping guide customer service. So, how to ensure the safety and reliability of the service robot, and how to test the hardware system and software communication interface of the service robot have become a topic of continuous concern

I believe that only when it is specific to each test link can potential problems be truly eliminated. Here, I share a circular regression applied to the communication between software components and hardware of service robot. In view of the uncertainty test method in this matter, the advantage of this test method is that it can test software components efficiently and quickly in a repeatable way

in software engineering, regression testing is a famous software testing technology, which is generally tested after the software is repaired or new functions are added. In the process of robot development and testing, we use the concept of "regression testing" in software testing technology for reference. On the premise that the robot hardware system is fixed, in the process of software debugging, we can find the defects in software and hardware communication with high efficiency by adopting the automatic over loop regression testing method from single function to multiple control modes

regression test establishes a communication library to record the communication session between software, hardware and its driver software. Due to the different types of API functions and hardware interfaces, the communication library should support USB, TCP, UDP and other major communication interface protocols

through the test method of cyclic regression, developers and testers can cover as many test scenarios as possible based on the existing test conditions, so as to ensure the reliability of the software and hardware interaction of the service robot to the greatest extent

it can be said that this is a powerful tool to overcome the "willfulness" of robots. With the regression test, the next time the robot wants to "wake up to the force", it may also be beaten back to its original shape. Besides, many enterprises believe that safety and environmental protection are to meet the needs of the current situation. For service robots, no matter how good the configuration is, it is empty talk without safety guarantee

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