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Registration takes effect! Sci tech Innovation Board will welcome the first share of uvpaint

registration takes effect! Sci tech Innovation Board will welcome the first share of uvpaint

On May 11, 2020, the CSRC issued an announcement approving the registration of Hunan Matsui new materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Matsui new materials") for its initial public offering of shares. Matsui new material will enter the release stage, and is expected to become the first share of UV coating on the science and technology innovation board

Matsui new material is a new functional coating material manufacturer that takes the high-end consumer electronics, passenger cars and other high-end consumer goods in the 3C industry as the target market, and provides customers with multi category systematic solutions such as coatings, specialty 1, the impact of soaring vanadium prices on vanadium battery costs, inks and so on through the mode of "interactive" independent research and development and "customized flexible manufacturing". At present, Matsui new material has two kinds of new functional coating material products: Coatings and special inks, which are mainly used in high-end consumer electronics and passenger cars

as a high-end composite, new functional coating materials are widely used in high-end consumer electronics, passenger cars and other high-end consumer goods. New functional coating materials have high requirements for production environment, technology, machinery and equipment. With the continuous expansion of application scenarios and the continuous innovation of application methods, it will also become the development trend of the future industry to customize new functional coating materials according to customers' requirements for product performance, which further puts forward higher requirements for the R & D ability and specialization level of new functional coating material manufacturers

therefore, with strong technical accumulation and brand influence, can quickly provide multi product/integrated system solutions, and the advantages of comprehensive layout in the category of environmentally friendly coating materials, the new functional coating material manufacturing enterprises will obtain a larger market share under the composite conditions of compression and shear resistance of various bridge plate and basin rubber bearings, which are mainly used in the process of compaction, shearing and handling

Matsui new material, which was approved to register this time, is one of the representatives of domestic brand manufacturing enterprises with a multi category new functional coating material product system. The latest prospectus shows that Matsui new material has 29 national authorized invention patents, 36 national invention patents applied and accepted, and has owned a series of silicone hand coating technology, 3D glass photosensitive ink technology, anti fog resin and coating technology of passenger car lamps, a series of PVD coating technology Series of UV color paint technology, series of water-based paint technology, PVD paint technology of passenger car parts and other industry-leading or industry-advanced core technologies

at present, the end customers of Matsui new material cover Asia, America, Europe and other regions, basically realizing the full coverage of downstream target market business. By establishing a "interactive" independent research and development, "customized flexible manufacturing" business model with end customers, it focuses on solving the pain points and difficult problems of end customers and increasing customer stickiness. Matsui new material is now the main supplier of paint products for six brand enterprises including apple, Google, moto, Huawei, Xiaomi and vivo, and has become its main supplier of ink products by virtue of its cooperation with Google; In the field of notebook computers and accessories, it has become the main supplier of coating products of HP and apple; In the field of wearable devices, the company has become a major supplier of coating products for two wearable device brand enterprises, apple and Huawei

the prospectus shows that from 2017 to 2019, the operating income of Matsui new material was 187399100 yuan, 2622232700 yuan and 455138300 yuan respectively; The net profits attributable to the owners of the parent company were 27.2382 million yuan, 52.2725 million yuan and 92.8737 million yuan respectively. During the reporting period, the company's operating income and the net profits attributable to the owners of the parent company showed a sharp upward trend, reflecting good profitability

Matsui new material plans to raise funds to invest in its "construction project of high-performance water-based coatings", "construction project of reconstruction and expansion of new functional coatings for automotive parts", "production expansion project of special ink and environmental friendly adhesive", "company's global marketing network and information construction project", "R & D and testing center construction project" and supplement the company's working capital. With the completion of the raised investment project, the company will expand the production capacity of its core products, further improve the company's comprehensive innovation ability, product quality control ability and testing level, so as to improve the comprehensive market competitiveness of its products

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