The capacity of PVC pipes in Japan will exceed 210

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A wide range of new materials, various categories and miscellaneous varieties p> Japan's PVC pipe production capacity will exceed 210000 metric tons in 10 years

chemical industry (Japan) report: Japan's PVC pipe industry will be included in the scope of the base statistics in the future. The above 29 enterprises will review the current situation, topics and future prospects of Japan's domestic PVC pipe industry. According to the survey, the current PVC pipe manufacturing capacity in Japan is 670000 metric tons, and it is predicted that the demand will remain in the range of 460000 ~ 470000 metric tons in recent years. Due to the reduction in the number of residential work pieces, the increase in the popularity of sewers, and the low profit of the operators whose raw material cost of PVC pipes accounts for more than 49% of the pipe manufacturing cost, the growth of the PVC pipe industry presents a passivation phenomenon. It is predicted that in 2006 (3) electrical system: the annual demand for PVC pipes for wiping the surface of motors and coiled tubing will be 420000 metric tons, which will be reduced to 390000 metric tons in 2011, and 124000 metric tons of excess capacity in 2000, It is expected that in 2011, it will be expanded to equivalent to one third of the existing equipment for Erdogan, reaching 216000 metric tons. Therefore, the PVC industry suggests that some equipment must be abandoned in order to achieve substantial results, that is, inefficient equipment should be abandoned for business integration, exchange and business transfer

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