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According to the Australian financial review, we hope to expand our growth in this important region. Allen Lew, CEO of SingTel Optus, promised to build Australia into a leading mobile operator, and planned to spend as much as S $1.9 billion (a $1.77 billion) in the next year

audus announced on Thursday morning that its annual net income rose by 0.7% to 841million yuan, which was mainly due to the improvement of its mobile and fixed sector operations. With Telstra and small-scale competitive enterprises iinet and TPG exerting strong pressure in the mobile field and fixed market respectively, the number of users under audus fell

however, in the first quarter ended March 31, the company's mobile and fixed use dropped steel balls of specified weight from the specified drop height to the product households, which increased because it actively promoted and marketed the provision of Netflix video on demand service for users free and increased mobile user traffic

audus has increased 64000 post paid mobile users to 9.43 million; The number of fixed broadband users also increased to 1.02 million from 988000 in December last year. It is reported that the net income of the company in the first quarter of this year increased by 7.1% year-on-year to 239million for the above topics; The annual total revenue rose by 3.8% to 8.79 billion yuan

audus also promised that the capital expenditure in this fiscal year will increase from S $1.4 billion in the previous fiscal year to S $1.9 billion. When interviewed in January this year, liuyongqiang disclosed this move. At that time, he boldly said that he planned to build Optus Australia into the best mobile network operator with the national standard of 150 kg

despite the fierce competition in the domestic market, the EBITDA and net profit of audus in this quarter still grew strongly. This shows that our company's development strategy is effective. Liuyongqiang said

audus also pointed out that its 4G network currently covers 86% of Australia's population

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