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Sensor industry: capital has been surging in the dark tide

sleepy when watching movies, is there any? You are sleepy. Is anyone still indifferent? When the sensor industrialization focusing on attention comes, investors will be more and more afraid to ignore your feelings

during the 13th Five Year Plan period, all kinds of sensors connecting people, things, people and things will gradually complete technical accumulation and move towards industries, life and other fields. At that time, the sensor will build big data, and all decisions will be more scientific

the first theater sensing experiment "war horse" in China, jointly created by China National Theatre, Xinhua Rong media future research institute and the Netherlands National Mathematics and computer center, was performed in the official performance of the Chinese version of the stage play "war horse" in Shanghai in mid November. The research team recruited 150 volunteers from the play to observe and record their somatosensory responses during the performance through high-tech biosensor technology, so as to better understand human emotions. This kind of cross-border experiment between the theater and the scientific and technological circles, under the condition of fixed power, is the first time in China

with the help of sensors, this kind of untouchable experience becomes visible. Participants wear a small device, and then choose the resin model according to the melt activity rate (MFR) of the resin. Just look at your war horse. When you are very excited, very excited, the experimental terminal will receive a blink signal. When there are many blinking signals at the same time, it means that everyone is excited. On the other hand, the less you blink, the less interesting the film is

the sensor can also collect some of your personal information, such as age, gender and other big data information. There will be many application scenarios for the operation and inspection of the beam of the 2nd downstream waterproof membrane tensile testing machine. Dr. Wang Chen, the main member of the Dutch side in charge of the project, introduced that the project is still in the laboratory stage. It is expected to take the lead in the industrialization of film and television industry and advertising monitoring

it is reported that the Internet platforms of several industries have shown strong interest in cooperation. It would be interesting to think that teachers might be able to understand how many attentive students there are

the sensor focusing attention is only a sub category of sensors. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the global sensor market nearly doubled. For example:

according to wangxiangqi of CITIC Securities Research Department, there is a large gap between the sensor industry at home and abroad. The domestic sensor market is still dominated by foreign-funded enterprises, accounting for 67%

CCID consultants predict that in the next five years, the compound annual growth rate of the remaining debris sensors in the domestic transmission room will reach more than 31%. At present, there are more than 1700 enterprises engaged in field sensor production in China. At present, Hanwei electronics and Huagong technology have certain advantages in gas sensors and temperature sensors

Hanwei electronics continued to expand through M & A, and the layout of IOT platform was gradually improved. During the reporting period, the company's complete solution of sensor + monitoring terminal +scada+gis+ cloud platform developed well, which greatly improved the company's core competitiveness, and the company's IOT platform was gradually improved

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