The cargo throughput of Maoming port reached 11.12

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In 2002, the cargo throughput of Maoming port reached 11.12 million tons

from 1988 to 2002, it took only a decade for a local port built on the former barren land to achieve the leap of ten million tons, which is also rare in the history of Chinese ports

Maoming port (formerly known as Maoming Shuidong port, renamed as Maoming port with the approval of the Ministry of communications on September 21, 1998) is located on the Bank of Shuidong Bay, Maoming City, western Guangdong Province, adjacent to the South China Sea, between Guangzhou and Zhanjiang ports. It has jurisdiction over three port areas, Shuidong, Bohe and beishanling, with superior geographical location and natural conditions, convenient transportation, straight coastline and calm waves. With ideal water depth, open land area, smooth channel and less siltation, it is an excellent port site for building a large deep-water commercial port

Maoming port has unique advantages in port resources. Shuidong Bay is a natural lagoon Bay. Outside the Bay, there are big and small Fangji islands as a natural barrier against wind and waves. The Bay has good wind shelter conditions and small swells. It has been a haven for fishing boats since ancient times. There is no need to build a breakwater in the harbor basin. There is a coastline of more than 10 kilometers on both sides of the tidal channel, which can reach a water depth of - 10 meters with a little dredging, suitable for the construction of various deep-water wharves; As a fishing port, Bohe port is one of the three major fishing ports in Guangdong; Beishanling port area faces the sea, the - 10m deep-water area is close to the shore, and the natural water depth of the channel is more than - 15m, which is suitable for the construction of large-scale professional deep-water wharf

it is the dream of generations of Maoming people to build a modern large port. In the face of the rise and competition of aviation carbon fiber composites, until the mid-1980s, Maoming port could only dock wooden sailboats for tide riding operations, and the wharf equipment was simple. Close to the sea but without access to the sea, Maoming has always been in the dilemma of having a sea without a port. A large number of import and export goods can only be imported and exported from the surrounding ports. The high freight rate and long transportation period have seriously restricted the economic development of Maoming. Owning a port has become Maoming's dream of economic take-off

at the end of 1980s, Maoming municipal Party committee and Maoming Municipal People's government made a decisive decision to open up access to the sea and lay a century old foundation for Maoming. As the competent transportation department, Maoming Transportation Bureau boldly shouldered the heavy burden of port development and construction. They focus on port development and construction, rely on the advantages of port resources, increase investment attraction, adopt the policy of "who invests, who builds, who manages, who benefits", and attract domestic and foreign merchants and cargo owners to jointly develop and operate ports

after more than 10 years of unremitting efforts, Maoming port has attracted more than 1.5 billion yuan of funds to invest in port development and construction, successfully transforming the port resource advantages into industrial economic advantages, making the port a new bright spot for Maoming's economy to provide long severance pay for the remaining employees

after more than 10 years of hard construction, today's Maoming port has begun to take shape. At present, it has built one of China's largest 250000 ton single point mooring crude oil loading and unloading systems, and a total of 11 berths for container terminals, general cargo terminals, product oil terminals, oil and gas terminals and comprehensive terminals. The annual cargo handling capacity of the port has reached 17.59 million tons, and the actual cargo handling capacity has reached more than 11 million tons, making it a national big port

today's Maoming port is already a national first-class port open to the outside world. Its routes are spread across five continents. It is connected with 238 supertankers of 200000 tons or more from all over the world, and discharges more than 42 million tons of imported crude oil. It is one of China's four major crude oil unloading ports

at the same time, Maoming port has stepped forward to the first-class port. The 250000 ton single floating system built in the port has set a precedent for the successful use and management of single floating system in China, and is at the leading level in the evaluation of similar foreign devices. It has been awarded the first prize of rationalization proposal by Guangdong Association for science and technology and China Association for science and technology, and has been rated as a new record of Chinese enterprises by China Enterprise Association; The port has passed the ISO9002 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental quality certification at one time; When Comrade Jiang Zemin inspected Maoming port in 1993, he also fully affirmed the development achievements of the port. In April2002, Maoming port completely implemented the separation of government and enterprises, and embarked on a more smooth road of development

recently, the Maoming municipal Party committee made a decision to implement the "four leaps" development strategy, and determined that one of the strategic priorities of urban economic development in the future is to speed up the development of Maoming port, and do a good job in the big article "port for urban use, city for port prosperity". The specific planning is: relying on the advantages of the port, vigorously develop the port industry, build a world-famous large-scale petrochemical Dongsheng new material company, and build Maoming port into the largest specialized Petrochemical port in South China and an important petrochemical logistics base in Guangdong; While determining the large-scale specialized Petrochemical port, the port function will be comprehensively improved, so that the bulk cargo and containers of Maoming port will also have a leap forward development

Maoming also plans to invest 550million yuan to build port railway, expand port Avenue, build 30000 ton comprehensive wharf, dredge 30000 ton waterway, further improve port supporting facilities and improve port functions; It is planned to build another 50000 ton product oil wharf and another 30 ton single point mooring device that can identify the composition of materials, so as to greatly improve the handling capacity of the port and lay a solid foundation for the leapfrog development of the port. At present, the 30000 ton channel of the port has been excavated, the project approval and design of the access road have been completed, and the construction can be started after the relocation is completed. Other projects have also started. People in the port optimistically estimate that by 2005, Maoming port will have a handling capacity of 30million tons and an annual cargo volume of 20million tons, becoming another major channel to the sea in South China and the southwest

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