The case of forgery of plastic products with facto

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On August 4, according to reports from the masses, the law enforcement officers of Shandong Linqing Bureau of quality and technical supervision conducted law enforcement inspection on a plastic processing office of Xinhua office in the city, and found that there was PVC of Weifang Hongxin plastic products company in the warehouse of the processing office. Therefore, the application requirements of spring testing machines affecting crop growth and development should be carefully controlled to strengthen 245 hoses, Shandong Xingye reinforced pipe products factory has 156 PVC reinforced hoses, and Anshun Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. resists and avoids conflicts; There are 127 bundles of aging sunscreen reinforced hoses for some dynamometers, but the processing department cannot provide the entrusted processing contract or agreement of the company with the above marks

after investigation, verification and confirmation, the batch of PVC reinforced hoses was produced by the processing department with a forged factory name, and the value of the goods reached 63360 yuan. The party concerned confessed to the forgery. The above-mentioned acts of the processing office have violated the provisions of Article 30 of the product quality law of the people's Republic of China. The law enforcement officers of Linqing Quality Supervision Bureau sealed up the products in accordance with Article 53 of the product quality law of the people's Republic of China, and investigated and punished the parties according to law

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