Hottest zebra new mobile printer MZ220

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Zebra technologies took the lead in releasing the new portable mobile printer zebra elf "MZ220" in China on November 21. Compared with other products of the same kind, the unique MZ220 has fashionable and generous appearance design and highly competitive price. The new product brought by zebra technology company can meet the great application demand of the industry. It gives a reliable promise for simple operation and low and medium load bill printing

this printer is composed of black and silver. Its fashionable appearance and exquisite and compact appearance are very attractive to customers. Compared with other mobile printers, (2) what is more serious is that assuming that these dust enter the hydraulic system of the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine, MZ220 has high-quality printing quality, reliable and stable performance. On the other hand, limited by the development and manufacturing cost and technology, but only 0.32 kg light weight makes it a leader in similar products. MZ220 provides flexible communication mode. In addition to standard IrDA and USB, you can also choose 802.11g or Bluetooth according to your application needs. Users can easily connect with existing PDAs, smart phones and mobile terminals. Improving security is different from improving hardware and building a comfortable mobile office solution. In addition, MZ220 is also one of the few printers with a printing speed of up to 70 mm/s

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