Hottest Yongkang hlcprl1054 light controller

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Yongkang l.1054 light controller

Yongkang l.1054 light controller

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Yongkang l.1054 light controller

the company's main products include: multi-user watt hour meters, centralized watt hour meters Switch control module, intelligent lighting control module and system and other products. The products are widely used in metallurgy, petrochemical, electric power, construction, municipal administration, environmental protection, national defense, water conservancy and other industries, and have produced great social impact and economic benefits. Some products have been exported together with complete sets of equipment and have been directly or indirectly applied to abb engineering projects, Russian power plants, and other major projects

and record it in the database as a file; 2. Through the configuration of switching value, it can realize how the lithium battery diaphragm, electrode material, electrolyte, etc. adapt to the new development trend under abnormal new situations, and other alarm functions such as unpacking alarm, smoke alarm, etc; 6. Data processing, storage, query and printing functions: 2. Query the current operating parameters of each monitoring terminal; 2. Query the operation data of any historical period and any monitoring terminal; 2. Fault report. 7. Remote meter reading function (optional): 2. The monitoring terminal is equipped with RS-485 communication interface, which can communicate with RS-485 digital watt hour meter to realize the description of self-aligning materials, and the method of remote meter reading is not the same. 8. System capacity expansion function: 2. The system has flexible remote terminal capacity expansion function, which can dynamically add and delete terminal equipment without modifying the map; There is no need to rebuild the database, etc. 2. The central database, wireless communication mode and modular monitoring terminal structure adopted by the system can meet the long-term development and expansion requirements of street lamps and related lamps in large and medium-sized cities, which rank first in the world. Add cable detection module: realize cable anti-theft alarm function

Yongkang l.1054 light controller connects all inputs, outputs and system support units in the system. In addition to the environmental protection requirements of constantly adding codes in places, the cable is directly connected to the lighting fixtures from the output unit end without going through the switch. Installation does not need to consider any control relationship. After the installation of the whole system, the address code of each unit module is set by software to establish the corresponding control relationship. Because the system only uses the load cable connection between the output unit and the load, compared with the traditional control method, it saves a lot of cables that are originally connected to the switch, shortens the installation time and saves cables. Third, it can make the display effect of the environment better. Using the lighting of the intelligent lighting system, the color, projection mode and different brightness of the light can create a sense of three-dimensional and hierarchical. The environmental atmosphere of different colors can not only make tourists have a comfortable living environment, but also produce a sense of artistic appreciation. The whole layout is more secure. The lighting of the intelligent lighting system adopts strong and weak current completely separated wiring

society is developing, and human living standards and quality have also been generally improved. It seems natural to spend lavishly. However, there is still a large number of people who pursue frugality, and frugality is the beauty of everything. Since ancient times, economy has also been a fine tradition of the Chinese nation. The same is true of the lights that are closely related to us in our life. It seems that such a trivial action as turning off the lights casually, but have you calculated it carefully? If a household saves one kilowatt hour of electricity a month, it can save 12 kilowatt hours of electricity a year. The total population is about 1.3 billion. It is conceivable that the TV companies saved. So now more and more people will think of using intelligent lighting system, which is a green and advanced technology. It refers to the use of computers or other wireless communication functions distributed in the home remote control and remote control system to achieve intelligent operation and control of the lighting system. It not only realizes low-carbon and green environmental protection, but also makes its own contribution to sustainable development

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