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At the beginning of the new year, Yanxiang and Intel jointly developed and launched the world's first mini itxmini itx single board computer eclnar based on the qm67 platform, adding a joy to the quiet industry at the end of the year. This product is full of highlights: rich interfaces, perfect expansion functions, and high-end performance. It can be widely used in various embedded fields, such as industrial control, medical instruments, pos/kiosk machines, electronic Kanban, monitoring safety equipment, automatic controllers, and military systems

create the first in three industries

once this mini itxmini itx single board computer came out, it lived up to expectations and created the first in the industry:

1 Super rich display output, the first in the industry to support VGA, dual channel 18/24bit LVDS, DVI, HDMI, display port, EDP at the same time; Intel SA is used because it is afraid of poor contact between the sample and the anvil. Ndy bridge CPU is built-in with integrated graphics controller display chip, which supports direct x10.1; Support multiple combinations of vga+lvds, vga+display port, vga+hdmi, vga+dvi, independent dual display transmission and closed oil return valve output; Support hot plug function

2. VGA supports 2048 at most 1536@75HZ , 32 bit color depth; Display port supports up to 2560 1200@60HZ ; DVI and HDMI support 1920 at most 1200@60HZ 。

3. The industry's first mini-ITX single board computer that supports the third generation SATA specification. Four SATA are provided, among which sata1 and SATA2 support the third generation SATA specification (data transmission bandwidth of 6 Gbps) and raid 0/1/5/10

4. The world's first mini itx industrial single board computer that supports Intel's full range of rpga989 32nm sandy bridge CPUs (such as Core i7, i5, I3, etc.)

Yanxiang Mini based on qm67 platform and this kind of polymer is non-toxic -itxmini itx single board computer eclnar motherboard figure

rich industry characteristic design

1 Support large memory. The maximum 16GB ddriii SO-DIMM memory provides two 204pin DDR Ⅲ

so-dimm memory sockets, supports UN buffered non-ECC, and supports dual channel function. A single memory socket can support a maximum memory capacity of 8GB and a maximum memory capacity of 16GB

2. Super routing function: provide a 10/100/1000mbps network interface, support network wake-up, network PXE startup and amt7.0 functions

3. It is Yanxiang's first industrial single board computer with power saving mode. The super power saving design enables the system to enter the deep sleep s4/s5 state through BIOS settings. In this state, the voltage of standyby can be turned off to achieve a lower power saving state than the traditional S5 state

4. More intelligent. Support Intel amt7.0 to use Intel amt7.0 active management technology to realize remote diagnosis and repair, system defense, etc

5. It is more understood that safety. Support TPM security module to realize trusted startup, secure storage and key management of the system through trusted platform module (TPM), Implement Intel trusted execution technology based on hardware (Intel TXT technology;

6. Provide mini-pcie slots to facilitate Wi Fi cordless access and realize cordless docking.

about Yanxiang company

Yanxiang is China's largest high-tech enterprise integrating research, development, manufacturing, sales and system integration of special computers, and is the only listed company in the same industry in China. At present, the main products of Yanxiang's special computers have formed three series and more than 1500 types The overall technology has reached the domestic leading and international advanced level, and some product technologies have reached the international leading level; It provides personalized (oem/odm) special solutions for all industries in the world. At present, the products have been widely used in petroleum and petrochemical, communication, networking, highway, railway, rail transit, tobacco, finance, electric power, coal mine, security, gambling, medical equipment, industrial site and other industries, replacing imported products, and making outstanding contributions to the automation, intelligence and informatization of Chinese industry

since 2000, Yanxiang has been among the best in China's special computer industry. According to CCID data, from 2006 to 2009, Yanxiang ranked first in the same industry in China and third in the world

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