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Yanxiang intelligent banking system solutions

I. system overview

with the rapid development of computer and network technology, domestic commercial banks have actively launched intelligent banking systems - automatic teller machines (ATMS), automatic deposit machines (CDM) and automatic inquiry machines. Pull testing machines can be divided into: 24-hour service for users, while greatly reducing the workload of business counters

II. System application

this system mainly adopts IP2 of "EVOC" of EVOC Intelligent Co., Ltd The working environment for placing instruments should be kept clean. C-8205, ipc-1802, ipc-810, ipc-822, ipc-6806, ipc-6808 industrial computers and ipc-586vdh (d), ipc-586vdnh (GX) series half length CPU cards. Ipc-810 is suitable for the main control computer of the system: ipc-822/2805/1802 is suitable for the server, various network servers, firewalls and operation platforms of the system; Ipc-6806/6808 is a solution for all kinds of narrow spaces; 586 series half length CPU card adapts to various common processors in the market, and provides different lcd/crt/ssd/vga display interfaces and different video memory support, but if the material is not innovative, it uses different display requirements

III. block diagram of intelligent bank integrated network system

IV. system evaluation

EVOC industrial control products of Yanxiang intelligent Co., Ltd. are famous brand products that have been tested and recognized by the market for many years. Their products have unique advantages in configuration flexibility, safety and stability, environmental adaptability, expansion and extensibility, product cost performance, customer service, etc., and have become the most suitable products for Chinese users. The intelligent banking system built by a domestic bank using ipc-586 series half length CPU card of "EVOC" has been used for three years, and the system runs stably and fully meets the design requirements

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