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Yunyi communication EOS soft switch system

eos system is a distributed telecom operation level soft switch platform developed by Yunyi communication. It has the characteristics of flexible structure, tight organization, convenient use and powerful functions. It can effectively use the existing Internet network resources and support all network access methods. According to the characteristics of the Internet and the existing VoIP system, it can cut in and lead NGN (next generation network) communication for virtual operators and enterprises. 4. At the end of each experiment, please wipe the machine's information service to provide effective protection. EOS system adopts many patented technologies of the company, which completely solves the technical problems of complex IP network environment and various NAT based penetration technologies. It is a comprehensive VoIP service management platform integrating user access, signaling processing, media stream exchange, strengthening the research and development of product precision performance, breaking through routing strategy, user management and billing

EOS3. The X version integrates the reliability of PSTN and the flexibility of IP. In 1 X separates services and signaling, improves service quality and system processing capacity by means of load balancing and mutual backup, provides Web management system and management system support, and can also realize interconnection with IP devices of other manufacturers' standards

product features such as micro printers

access layer -- solve various technical problems of IP access

signaling exchange layer -- realize signaling exchange of various protocol standards

application management layer -- realize various business requirements and management functions

device management -- management method based on multi-level domain, complete device registration, call admission management

routing strategy -- based on device, Support policy based dynamic load balancing and routing functions

media stream forwarding and control -- forward communication signaling through EOS routing

accounting management -- you can set separate rates for each user, and provide post payment settlement and prepayment settlement modes. At the same time, the system supports agent accounting processing

inter settlement - provide settlement with each landing

balance alarm and control - support the setting of balance alarm threshold. When the user's balance is lower than the threshold, it can provide multiple ways of alarm to prompt the customer to recharge

multi level agent management

subordinate agent/account management, subordinate user rate definition, account situation, statistical analysis report, which lays a solid foundation for the follow-up ultra-thin biodegradable PPC film, Self account information, CDR query

support services

callback, direct dial, voicemail, callingcard, recharge card, enterprise IAD terminal access, enterprise VoIP group, PC to phone service, 3G software, call transfer, call waiting, resonance, polling, Shun Zhen, answer on behalf of others, IVR meal set, virtual switchboard, etc.


can interoperate with products/systems of Cisco, Ericsson, Nortel, Alcatel, Huawei, audiocode, ZTE, etc

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