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Zero automation: focus on industrial interconnection to boost industry 4.0

focus on industrial interconnection to boost industry 4.0. Horizon automation ceremoniously participated in the 2016 Beijing industrial intelligence and Automation Exhibition

ia Beijing, one of the Hannover industrial automation global series exhibitions, is an automation exhibition event of diversified innovative technologies and sustainable manufacturing solutions, and an all-round and international high-end transaction and exchange platform

with the concept of "made in China 2025", "industry 4.0" in Germany and "industrial interconnection" in the United States put forward one after another, the tide of global industrial equipment upgrading is surging. Their purpose is to win the lead in the new round of global manufacturing division of labor and competition through their respective strategic implementation

as a participant and builder in the field of industrial automation communication, zero automation actively participated in it and launched a series of related products and solutions. And displayed in this exhibition. Booth No.:

military quality mg military series protocol converter can be compatible with a variety of field instruments and equipment; In terms of appearance, it pioneered streamlined design, and the high-performance materials division of high DuPont released false sound and light cutting technology, aviation aluminum alloy, and anode sandblasting technology,; The highest working temperature in the industry, single board design; It can adapt to the most rigorous testing environment; It is easy to install and operate, and the original high-speed CPU runs without downtime

mg military series protocol converter products include: mg-dpsx (Modbus RTU to PROFIBUS DP), mg-cansx (Modbus RTU to CANopen), mg-dpcx (CANopen to pro for publishing units and products with unqualified batch quality, FIBUS DP), mg-canex (CANopen to Modbus TCP), mg-s1ex (Modbus rtu/ascii to Modbus TCP), mg-s2ex (DL below is the operation cost method/t 645 to Modbus TCP)

customized service the considerate service of zero automation includes: one also customized, 18 month warranty, 7-24-hour technical support

among them, xport series interface module can help you quickly upgrade the existing serial port to Ethernet in the construction of Nansha Islands and reefs in China, in addition to meeting the necessary military defense needs. It is small and simple to use. The serial port has a variety of levels to choose from, and the Ethernet has a variety of protocols to choose from (Modbus TCP, ethernet/ip, PROFINET, etc.). The product adopts wide temperature design, and has passed the Rosh certification. It can be applied to remote equipment management, industrial control, instrumentation Intelligent buildings and other fields

embedded module interface customization module

wireless achievement infinite, simple wiring, short engineering cycle, good adaptability, good scalability, easier equipment maintenance, obvious cost advantages, which are the advantages of zero industrial wireless communication

wireless related products include: MLIS mlb-z1001, MLIS mls-z4001, which measures and controls the data transmission of the machine for the remote machine through the ready-made private domain, and realizes the data transmission and communication between the serial port or Ethernet device and the instrument and the upper computer; It provides a more cost-effective and time-saving solution; It is mainly used in storage, AGV cars, building automation, street lighting and other fields

dtu products include: mlb-g4201, MLIS mlb-g1001, dual band 2g/3g data terminal equipment designed for rs232/rs485/rs422/rj45 communication through available 2g/3g operator network. In general, it provides efficient and cost-effective solutions; It is mainly used in network monitoring equipment, automatic meter reading, fleet and asset management, vending machines, security monitoring and alarm equipment, remote maintenance and other telemetry fields

serial port to wireless Ethernet to wireless serial port to 2g/3g DTU

about Sichuan zero Automation System Co., Ltd.

focus on industrial interconnection and help smart factory. The former is the original intention of zero's establishment, and the latter is the mission entrusted to zero by the times

horizon is a scientific and technological enterprise specializing in the research and development of industrial communication products, the design, integration and technical services of industrial automation control systems. Products include protocol converters, intelligent distributed IO, embedded modules, industrial wireless, industrial switches, and communication accessories (connectors, special cables), etc. It involves DeviceNet, MODBUS, PROFIBUS-DP, Modbus TCP/IP, PROFINET, CANopen, CC link, EtherCAT and other protocols

the company has successively become a well-known enterprise such as China Academy of Engineering Physics, China Aerodynamics Research and development center, China Gas Turbine Research Institute, Sinopec, Jiuzhou Group, Dongcai technology group, Sichuan Changhong, longmang group, and Panzhihua Changgang, and has established a good long-term cooperative relationship

we always adhere to the principle of advanced technology, customer first and service first, and make our own contributions to the automation progress of military industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, environmental protection, machinery manufacturing and other industries with leading scientific and technological products, persistent professionalism and good reputation

zero people who focus on industrial interconnection and promote industrial 4.0 innovation and pragmatism are breaking the waves in the huge wave of the times

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