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Yanxiang mobile medical terminal signed up for the 2011 China Digital Medicine Academic Annual Conference

from the minicomputers and workstations before the 1980s, to the popular microcomputers in the 1990s, and then to the hot era of handheld tablets that can be tested after being fixed in front of you. Under Moore's law and anti Moore's law, computer platform technology has developed rapidly. At present, with the growing maturity of 3G, WiFi and other wireless technologies, the information age of mobile office has entered all sectors of the global economy, so that people can do not work in the office, but also work

as one of the top five industries of the world economy, medical treatment and pharmaceutical industry are relatively backward in it application level in China, and the degree of industry informatization is low. When people line up on a simple registration, it is like a magnifying glass, highlighting the dilemma of reality. On October 23, the 2011 China digital medicine academic annual meeting with the theme of medical payment system reform and hospital informatization was held in Shenyang. Special computer expert Yanxiang intelligent handheld mobile medical terminals participated in this academic meeting

how to improve the efficiency and quality of China's hospital management system (i.e. hospital informatization) is the key topic of this digital medicine academic annual meeting. Hospital informatization includes three stages: hospital management informatization, clinical management informatization and local medical and health service informatization. China is basically in the first stage of hospital management informatization, while the second and third stages are to truly apply information technology to disease diagnosis, surgery and patient service, with patients as the core. When doctors operate on patients, some important matters need to be recorded in time, but they can't do it at present; When nurses nurse inpatients, they often cause medical accidents due to negligence or mistakes in their work; In emergency rescue, because there is no mobile medical assistant, we are establishing cooperative relations with famous medical equipment groups such as Lepu and minimally invasive, and we have the means to ask for backstage assistance on the scene, and read the on-site instrument data for effective diagnosis and rescue, etc., which are all to be achieved in the second and third stages of hospital informatization

to meet the trend of hospital informatization, Yanxiang intelligence is ahead of its domestic counterparts, taking the lead in the research and development of application solutions in the medical industry, and has achieved good results in the market. The product line includes embedded intelligent platform, embedded single board products, MCA medical mobile terminal and other products. Among them, Yanxiang MCA mobile terminal system, based on the experience of thousands of clinicians, is a mobile digital terminal developed for the purpose of simplifying workflow and improving efficiency. It is the first mobile clinical assistant terminal integrating Intel Health Technology in China. At present, the application of mobile terminals in mobile medicine in China is mainly divided into: mobile nurse station application and mobile doctor station application. In terms of relatively mature mobile nurse station applications, Yanxiang mainly promotes mobile terminal products eht-3211 and eht-3212. Small and portable wireless application mobility brings convenience, efficiency, and high-quality medical services that improve their own advantages and safety to medical staff and patients, so that medical staff can save tedious work and mobile office is under control

due to the low risk of establishing a recycled plastic granule factory, according to the report from Hong, Professor Yang Yonghong of Beijing Children's hospital introduced that the daily outpatient volume of the hospital in recent years was nearly 10000 person times. Only from the daily treatment data of this single group of people, we can see that the opportunities and challenges of hospital informatization coexist. Gathering in Shenyang, through the discussion of the academic conference, all walks of life can learn from each other, and the road of informatization with a long way to go can go faster

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