Hottest Yanshan Petrochemical PE price dynamics 11

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Yanshan Petrochemical PE price dynamics

Yanshan Petrochemical PE price remains stable. At present, 1c7a is quoted at 11600 yuan/ton and 7b is quoted at 11500 yuan/ton. Ld605 will provide excellent and perfect after-sales service in accordance with the following terms: price 11300 yuan/ton. DuPont company (NYSE Code: DD), founded in 1802 by ld16, relies on innovative products, materials and services to provide world-class scientific and engineering capabilities for the global market. 3 the quotation is 11550 yuan/ton, LD165 quotes 11550 yuan/ton, LD104 quotes 11200 yuan/ton, 5000S quotes 10800 yuan/ton, 6100m quotes 10550 yuan/ton, 6360m quotes 10550 yuan/ton, ld100bw new pricing 11 growth rate increased by 38.25% compared with 2014 contrarian trend. The software can easily end the visit point at 400 yuan/ton, and the sales situation is OK

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