Mini corrugated box packaging of the hottest Samsu

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Samsung's micro corrugated box packaging

Samsung box uses micro corrugated cardboard as raw material, and the color is solemn black. With the carefully designed logo, it looks simple and atmospheric, much like a beautifully designed gift box, beautiful and generous, and looks very high-end. Because the use of test materials will produce conditions in the natural environment, the traditional experimental methods can not speed up the time. The base paper with low gram weight and high strength is used, so the consumption is reduced and the production cost is greatly saved. And the volume of the product has also become particularly small, which is very conspicuous in similar products. Fine patterns can also be obtained through offset printing, and the production cost is low. Processing procedures such as tile mounting are omitted. With a total investment cycle of 3-5 years, the production speed is faster, and the advantage of comparing with the traditional method is improved: the production efficiency is improved

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