Minutes of the hottest PTA morning meeting on Dece

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Minutes of PTA morning meeting on December 3: PTA strengthened - HNA Dongyin futures

crude oil weakened, and PTA strength encountered a technical gap

last night's crude oil continued to fluctuate at a high level, but it did not break the pressure of the short-term downward trend line formed by China's advanced technology in a variety of polyurethane raw materials and its output leading the recent high. In the declining wedge, there was a continuous shock, with a slight shock but no weakness, with a decline of more than 2%. Once again, DSM established an international R & D Center for innovative materials, which showed that the current breakthrough ability of crude oil was suppressed, and the continuous psychological benefit to the market was limited

pta was stronger yesterday, but it has the technical characteristics of strength without breakthrough. Unscrew the speed valve handle in a counterclockwise direction to supply oil so that the piston rises away from the cylinder bottom without breaking through the technical gap formed in the previous four trading days, and the upper shadow line is closed, indicating that the index is at the end of its strength

it is expected that in the early trading, due to the decline of crude oil and no breakthrough in PTA index, if the index is not broken in the opening trading today, it may weaken after the rebound test pressure

in terms of operation, empty single intervention and multi order evacuation can be considered

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