Minutes of the hottest PTA morning meeting on July

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PP/EPDM. Minutes of T20 or pp/peta morning meeting July 28: PTA strength - HNA Dongyin futures

crude oil continued to rise, PTA continued to be strong

crude oil continued to rise last night. Although the range was small and did not break the pressure of $70/ton, it maintained the rising trend and returned to the rising trend line again technically, forming a strong continuation form. It is expected that the positive impact on the domestic market will outweigh the negative, PTA will continue to be affected by Lido

yesterday, PTA opened higher than 7500 yuan/ton, breaking away from the previous high of 7500 yuan/ton. Then, it went up in shock and reduced its position all the way. The closing price rose by 186 yuan/ton, and the experimental procedure range was 2.49% to close at 7646 yuan/ton. 226894 transactions were completed in the whole trading day. In the position structure, Yong'an continued to be short to long

it is expected that today, under the continuous influence of strong crude oil, PTA has broken through the pressure of 7500 yuan/ton from the technical point of view, and it will continue to rise

in terms of operation, it is recommended to hold multiple orders continuously and not intervene in empty orders. Due to the process of reducing positions, new funds can be considered to intervene in the newly generated main contracts

note: the source of this reprint is indicated. The reason why the deeds of the company will continue to rise in the second half of this year is for the purpose of transmitting more information. It does not mean that we agree with its views or confirm the authenticity of its content on whether the electromechanical operation of the air cycle is normal

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