Minutes of the hottest PTA morning meeting on Octo

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Minutes of PTA morning meeting on October 23: PTA shock - HNA Dongyin futures

crude oil fluctuated at a high level, and the rebound of chemical industry was weak

when crude oil fluctuates above $80, the expectation of investors in the market is that it will continue to benefit the market. If so, the overall rise in price level is caused by monetary factors. Even PTA, where the relationship between supply and demand is not tense, may continue to rebound due to monetary factors

pta opened high yesterday, but it was weak to rise, and then fluctuated between the daily average and the settlement price. The trend is neither strong nor weak. The blind angle between crude oil factor and sluggish demand cannot be broken through

In recent years, the price of crude oil in the international market has fluctuated violently

it is expected that today, PTA is affected by crude oil and controlled by production capacity. 1. Under multiple factors according to the technical requirements of the spring, it is difficult to form a breakthrough and form a unilateral market

in terms of operation, it is suggested that bargain hunting multiple orders can be involved. No breakthrough, no intervention

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