Minutes of the hottest PTA morning meeting on Nove

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Minutes of PTA morning meeting on November 5: PTA rebound - HNA Dongyin futures

last night's crude oil stood at the $80 level again under the influence of the stable monetary policy of the United States, bringing strong expectations to the market. It is expected that today's ductility - the range in which the material maintains plastic deformation without fracture will still have a positive impact on China

pta rebounded by a small margin yesterday driven by crude oil, opened higher by a small margin, and then strengthened by shock, but did not break through the pressure position of 7500 yuan/ton

it is expected that today, PTA may have a strong market due to the impact of crude oil. However, it still does not form a strong force without breaking through 7500 yuan/ton

in terms of operation, short-term intra day trading and short-term volatility are recommended. More orders will be added when breaking through the large-scale increase of positions

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