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On Wednesday, ru0611, the main force of Shanghai rubber, opened at 18955 yuan, and the futures price continued to decline. It was shaken and consolidated at 18660 yuan. In the afternoon, driven by the sharp decline of Japanese rubber, the futures price quickly fell to 18280 yuan, and the final price closed at 18440 yuan, down 435 yuan from the previous day. The trading volume and position were slightly reduced for less advanced performance utilization

basically, the global natural rubber production will increase by 4.5% to 9.1 million tons, the consumption will be 8.92 million tons, and the supply surplus will reach 180000 tons. Under the condition that the supply in the production area is normal and the consumption in the sales area is not booming, the enthusiasm of domestic tires to buy goods is still not high, which makes the rubber price still trapped in the negative factor of oversupply. In addition, some domestic importers with weak financial strength and small scale defaulted one after another under the background of the continuous decline of the rubber price and continuous record lows. The default and abandonment of goods by importers in the rubber market further lead to the decline of the rubber price, and the decline of the rubber price may also lead to a new import default. In this way, the import default and the decline of the rubber price may form a vicious circle, making the falling rubber price worse

the result of technical experiment is usually the average value of 5 samples. The daily glue closed at 222.8 yen, down 10 yen from the previous day. The main contract of Shanghai Jiaotong in November closed at the mid Yin line, indicating that the future market is still weak and the average line is still obvious. Under the pressure of the rapid development of China's aerospace industry, the bear market pattern will continue. In terms of operation, it is recommended to sell short at high prices

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